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Whether you want to lose weight, optimize your athletic performance, or peak perfectly on competition day, our individual programs will help you be accountable to your best self and achieve your undiscovered potential!

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Our Programs

Weight Loss

Want to feel confident knowing you've developed the habits necessary to lose and keep weight off for life?


Want to feel confident in achieving the mutual health goals outlined by your Medical Professional?

Contest Prep

Want to feel confident knowing you will peak perfectly for your next physique contest?


Want to feel confident that your nutrition is optimized for optimal sport specific performance?

Who We Are

Tyler Sermon

Portland, OR

Tyler is heavily involved in the medical industry, the Cross Fit community, and has been a personal trainer for a large commercial gym. His love for fitness and athletics started at a very young age, while his experiences with being overweight as a child, then again as an adult, give him the ability to relate to the struggles of obesity and the efforts involved in changing habits toward proper nutrition and fitness.

Gerry Bernabe

Bend, OR

Gerry has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2000 and has served in a variety of roles ranging from Personal Trainer, Contest Prep Specialist, Clinical Obesity Management consultant, and Corporate Health and Wellness advisor. He's a Natural Bodybuilding Professional and has been featured in Popular fitness magazines such as Men’s Health and Muscular Development.


I've been working with Diet Doc and Tyler Sermon for nearly 3 months and have lost 20 pounds. The coaching and motivation that I receive has been key to me losing weight and on my way to being in great shape. When joining I knew I'd be part...

-- David

I can't recommend Gerry Bernabe and Tyler Sermon highly enough. The Diet Doc Bend/PDX were supportive, professional and spot on with their diet and training recommendations throughout my entire experience. They took the time to learn my d...

-- Scott

Nutrition has always been my biggest struggle throughout my fitness career. My hurdle has always been what avenue to venture down with nutrition whether it is paleo inspired or keto driven. As a competitive Crossfit athlete, my nutrition ha...

-- Jordan

The Diet Doc has been a great resource for me to dial in my nutrition and help me stay on track even with my busy school schedule. This has allowed me to train and see a faster improvement in my athletic performance and has made me feel con...

-- Sean

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